Sonic Fast Facts - LORE

Shoutout to Polaris' LORE Team one time. Short fast fact vid about everyone's favorite blue hedgehog. 

Backgrounds for this is below the video, hope ya dig. Personally, my favorite shots is the entire arcade section. It was cool looking up arcades and buildings of the 80's and 90's as a reference. 

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more background - batman animated shorts

Another background. based off of the Batman TAS. I've noticed I've been spending a lot more time on backgrounds than actually animating. Been working on really flexing my background/layout art. 

original background.

ya boi's.

ya boi's.

still - batman animated shorts

Here is another still from the batman animated shorts. For this short, I'm using Animate CC for the first time. So far, *fingers crossed* it's working pretty well.