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If anyone knows me, I'm such a Star Wars uber fan and being asked to do this LORE including the voice of Janina Gavankar. I pooped my pants. 

Goofin' aside, I really wanted to make this the best I could make it with a limited window of time provided. I had to create a storyboard first to present first, then got started on animatin'. As I worked on this, a few things changed from the board in the final animation. 

Click Here to View Storyboard PDF: 

Also, I have to say, lately for projects I have been using Boords! I highly, highly encourage using it! Best way to storyboard and share with clients in my opinion. 

I forgot to mention before the Boarding process, I had Genndy Tartakovsky's Star Wars Clone Wars (2003) playing in the background constantly. In my opinion, that animated version of Star Wars is so well done, plus SW Clone Wars 2003 was very, very influential for me growing up. I would watch that on Toonami, record it, and just replay it over and over as a kid. 


For this LORE, I really tried to push myself aesthetically. Really imagine if I had my own little Star Wars animated webseries. Sketched up the characters, the stormtrooper gear, etc. 

After the boards were presented and everything was good, I got to animating. For this, I split up the work into thirds. Animated 1/3, then did the backgrounds afterwards, and repeat the process for the remaining 2/3. In the animatic I had a rough idea of what the backgrounds would be. All of the backgrounds I illustrated and didn't recycle from my every growing stack of LORE backgrounds, teehee. You can see them below. Had a lot of fun with this, out of all the LOREs i've done so far. I think this is the best looking one I've done. It feels really me haha. I guess I keep trying to outdo each thing I work on, one after the other. ANYWAYS, hope ya dig



end of the year projects

What up what up!! Alrighty, gotta make this thing active! Wanted to keep those who follow in the loop. Currently working on four projects haha, most of which I'm trying to complete before the end of 2017. I'll be posting the work of it soon. Anyways, here is a gif of an intro I whipped up for Comicstorian--Thor Ragnarok Themed! 




yo yo! Been a little while, I was in Iceland for a week with my buddies from middle school. Super relaxing and super chargin' the creative juices. Now that I'm back, I'm packed with a ton of assignments. Don't hate it, I loved being busy. I think I'm a workaholic. Here's a screengrab of a project, two projects actually, that will be released next week. I'll post them up once it's done. Gotta back to it! 

P.S. I am working on an Iceland video, but I'll get to it after my Sept. block of animated work.



Sonic Fast Facts - LORE

Shoutout to Polaris' LORE Team one time. Short fast fact vid about everyone's favorite blue hedgehog. 

Backgrounds for this is below the video, hope ya dig. Personally, my favorite shots is the entire arcade section. It was cool looking up arcades and buildings of the 80's and 90's as a reference. 

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more background - batman animated shorts

Another background. based off of the Batman TAS. I've noticed I've been spending a lot more time on backgrounds than actually animating. Been working on really flexing my background/layout art. 

original background.

ya boi's.

ya boi's.

still - batman animated shorts

Here is another still from the batman animated shorts. For this short, I'm using Animate CC for the first time. So far, *fingers crossed* it's working pretty well.